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Lisa Flax fraud just keeps coming

coming in the next few weeks we have mail fraud, insurance fraud, check fraud and other lies she tells……Oh and more examples of the clear bias, discrimination and downright stupidity of judge Craig Ambrose, judge John Call and other judgess in burlington county family court.

Burlington County Family Court Judges Craig Ambrose and John Call Jr (Part 3)

Their hatred and bias towards Glenn Hann they allow Lisa Flax to commit fraud at the risk of their careers and reputations

Burlington County Family Court Judges Craig Ambrose and John Call are allowing Lisa Flax to commit fraud against NJ Child Support, Social Security Administration and Glenn Hann in order to punish Glenn Hann for daring to ask for a federal mandated modification to his child support order.

These judges also including Judge Hoffman are well aware that Lisa Flax is “double-dipping” on NJ child support and lying in court because it harms Glenn Hann. Glenn Hann is a 100% disabled individual that has 1 on 1 aides, can’t walk, can’t stand, has severe mental retardation, on massive dosages of morphine and oxycodone, even Judge Call has ordered that Glenn Hann cannot drive in New Jersey with his son because of his issues, actually told Glenn Hann that he can earn an extra 1400 dollars without affecting his social security. How dehumanizing of a comment was that by a pompous (fill in blank) that sits on the bench. I would report him for disability discrimination again, but the state will whitewash the report.

With all that going on Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call find Glenn Hann perfectly fit to act as his own attorney. Last time Glenn was in court he was on 90 mg of morphine and 130 mg of oxycodone. It is disgraceful the bias and discrimination that he has endured in this case.

During the last session Glenn Hann proved that Lisa Flax was lying in court and Judge Call could care less about it. He even went so far as a holder of the children’s bill of rights, when it came out that Lisa Flax and her family has been disparaging Glenn Hann in front of his children. (Please see the Pam Kurtz Text Exchange) He ruled it as “free speech”.

But he is knowingly enabling Lisa Flax to commit fraud against state and federal agencies as well as to the defendant. Obviously, he has done this before as at one point there was a issue with my social secuirty disability benefits and his quote was “why would I dime myself out.” He also yelled at Glenn telling him if he went on Medicaid, he would consider it a threat.

So bottom line Glenn Hann has been dealing with nothing but abuse from these judges and Burlington County Family Court needs to clean house, if you are not the favorite, DO NOT EXPECT A FAIR TRIAL.

For the record below is my social security award letter, just so you can see for yourself the amount of discrimination that I have endured.


Attached is the last motion I filled. Which Judge Call ignored once again my request for modification to prevent and stop the fraud that is occurring. His failure to stop it only proves that he supports it.


Meet her sister Pam Kurtz

Just read the below texts between…

Pam Kurtz of Mount Laurel, NJ and my daughter who hates my guts Morgan Hann


Just the psychological manipulation that Lisa Flax and her family were doing to my children in order to drive a wedge between me and them. To this day I have no contact between my self and Morgan Hann but people who know her should understand what manipulative assholes the flax and kurtz families are:

Nothing further to say, just my favorite line the internet is forever, and this post will remain in perpetuity for future generations to see. Even when they google Pam Kurtz or Morgan Hann.