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Lisa Flax fraud just keeps coming

coming in the next few weeks we have mail fraud, insurance fraud, check fraud and other lies she tells……Oh and more examples of the clear bias, discrimination and downright stupidity of judge Craig Ambrose, judge John Call and other judgess in burlington county family court.

Burlington County Family Court Judges Craig Ambrose and John Call Jr (Part 3)

Their hatred and bias towards Glenn Hann they allow Lisa Flax to commit fraud at the risk of their careers and reputations

Burlington County Family Court Judges Craig Ambrose and John Call are allowing Lisa Flax to commit fraud against NJ Child Support, Social Security Administration and Glenn Hann in order to punish Glenn Hann for daring to ask for a federal mandated modification to his child support order.

These judges also including Judge Hoffman are well aware that Lisa Flax is “double-dipping” on NJ child support and lying in court because it harms Glenn Hann. Glenn Hann is a 100% disabled individual that has 1 on 1 aides, can’t walk, can’t stand, has severe mental retardation, on massive dosages of morphine and oxycodone, even Judge Call has ordered that Glenn Hann cannot drive in New Jersey with his son because of his issues, actually told Glenn Hann that he can earn an extra 1400 dollars without affecting his social security. How dehumanizing of a comment was that by a pompous (fill in blank) that sits on the bench. I would report him for disability discrimination again, but the state will whitewash the report.

With all that going on Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call find Glenn Hann perfectly fit to act as his own attorney. Last time Glenn was in court he was on 90 mg of morphine and 130 mg of oxycodone. It is disgraceful the bias and discrimination that he has endured in this case.

During the last session Glenn Hann proved that Lisa Flax was lying in court and Judge Call could care less about it. He even went so far as a holder of the children’s bill of rights, when it came out that Lisa Flax and her family has been disparaging Glenn Hann in front of his children. (Please see the Pam Kurtz Text Exchange) He ruled it as “free speech”.

But he is knowingly enabling Lisa Flax to commit fraud against state and federal agencies as well as to the defendant. Obviously, he has done this before as at one point there was a issue with my social secuirty disability benefits and his quote was “why would I dime myself out.” He also yelled at Glenn telling him if he went on Medicaid, he would consider it a threat.

So bottom line Glenn Hann has been dealing with nothing but abuse from these judges and Burlington County Family Court needs to clean house, if you are not the favorite, DO NOT EXPECT A FAIR TRIAL.

For the record below is my social security award letter, just so you can see for yourself the amount of discrimination that I have endured.


Attached is the last motion I filled. Which Judge Call ignored once again my request for modification to prevent and stop the fraud that is occurring. His failure to stop it only proves that he supports it.


Bailey Hann, your father never abandoned you.

You were the one that abandoned your father…..

I was shocked and surprised when Glenn showed me this picture of his daughter Bailey Hann and that she believes that her father abandoned her. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the very beginning Lisa Flax told the court that you Bailey Hann were the one that never wanted to have contact with your father, never see him ever again. Someone sent the following picture of you, Bailey Hann stating exactly that your father abandoned you.

Bailey, please tell the truth and stop lying about your father. He never abandoned you; you abandoned him.

Lisa Flax committing fraud (Part 2)

With the assistance of Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ

Attorney Karen Karpousis, from Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ would openly lie in court and in her motions in order to make the defendant as toxic as possible in order for the court to take sympathy on her client Lisa Flax. During this process Glenn Hann lost his handicap door because he arrange with the realtor to list it as a non-exclusion item and Glenn would replace it with any door of the buyer’s chosen. Lisa Flax told the court that Glenn Hann only planned on taking the door and not replacing it. Judge Craig Ambrose who would not listen to the realtors’ own words which supported what Glenn was saying, yelled at him for 10 minutes that he cannot take any fixtures from the house. I don’t know what’s worse in the justice system that lawyers and clients can lie openly to the court or that the lawyer and client realize that the judge is too stupid to realize that he is being lied to. Just ridiculous. Judge Craig Ambrose boldly stated that he believes 100 percent of what Lisa Flax and her lawyer tell him. Which is an open invitation to lie, for which they did. If they believe that they did not lie, and I am wrong file a claim in court against me and we can have a REAL judge review. This is why Glenn Hann knows that he never received fair adjudication on his modification of child support request.

However, going back to the current situation Under rule 1.2(d), a lawyer is prohibited from counseling or assisting a client in conduct that the lawyer knows is criminal or fraudulent. In cases the lawyer would need to withdrawal to avoid deeming to have assisted in the client’s fraud.

In this case absolutely Karen Karpousis has advised and assisted Lisa Flax in the commitment of the fraud against NJ Child Support, the Social Security Administration and Glenn Hann. Matter of fact I would not be surprised if Lisa Flax was paying her legal bills from the child support money that she has been “double-dipping.”

Lisa Flax of Mount Laurel NJ (Part 1)

Lies in court and commits fraud against State and Federal Child Support Services.

Apparently, she has been “double dipping” and failed to report the Social Security Disability payments that she has been receiving directly for the children, Bailey Hann, Morgan Hann, and Max Hann, which Social Security considers it as fraud.

Glenn is 100% disabled and ruled fully funded in his disability payments. Lisa Flax has been receiving over 1800.00 dollars per month directed payments and has failed to report these child support payments and NJ Child Support unaware that she has purposely failed to inform them has been illegally garnishing Glenn Hann’s social security disability monthly payment

Lisa Flax has purposely withheld this information from the court and would tell the court that Glenn Hann has not been providing the additional portion of expenses that Lisa Flax would need to pay 50/50 as well. The amount past the 658 dollars per month child support was purposely to pay for Glenn Hann’s portion of any additional expenses.

So, she would lie and tell the court that she was paying 100% percent and Glenn Hann was paying nothing. Well with Burlington County NJ Family Court Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call not even looking at any of the evidence since none of their rulings were based on any fairness or due process. More of this on Part 3. Glenn would tell the horror stories when he was told simply just file for a modification, Glenn would tell him what was going on about Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call, they were shocked at what Glenn has been experiencing especially since they have been supportive of Lisa Flax fraud against the NJ Child Support agency since they are well aware of it but chose to take no actions to stop it. Yep, they really do not know how crooked these judges can be.

Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis, from Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ would openly lie to these Judges, yes, I have proof, and the judges would accept everything they would say as gospel. So, there are no fair trials in Burlington County Family Court, just read Part 2 and Part 3.

So, Lisa Flax fraudulently hid the money from the state and federal agencies, in order to spread the lies that Glenn Hann was not paying for these additional expenses, but where has all this extra money been going to: She lies and tells the judges she has no money to raise these children, so what has she been spending 3600.00 dollars per month on? Certainly, the children’s needs where not that exuberant, was she using child support funds on herself or to pay her legal fees? I’m sure it will come out from this investigation.

I am sure it will come up in her class action lawsuit against Norelco. Lisa Flax will certainly not get the sympathy of anyone on the jury who has paid child support.

One more example of Lis Flax lying to the court…….


Lisa Flax is so malicious that when their son Max Hann wanted to stay with Glenn for a weekend, Lisa Flax and her family were so (I can’t even think of a word) that they lied to a judge to get a temporary restraining order to block Max from seeing his dad. This is the type of person she is and along with the rest of her family. Do you really think that when the judge asked her why she is now filling for a TRO, did she honestly answerer well Judge my son wants to see his dad for the weekend.

Meet her brother Steven Flax

Or how I would cringe when he would tell disgusting jokes about People of Color

He was always rude to Glenn throughout the marriage. Glenn would look for opportunities not to go visit with him. Glenn would hate when he would tell disgusting jokes about people of color and other racists comments. He had anger management issues and even on the day they swapped cars with Lisa Flax he put a dent in the back of the car that was over 1500.00 dollars to fix, or his comment that “how’s it going to feel when I walk Bailey down the aisle for her wedding”.

The upside to this whole thing is that Glenn lives so rent free in his head that he needed to get a restraining order against Glenn because Steven Flax is afraid that a 169 lb. person who can barely stand and cannot run is afraid that Glenn will endanger his life as he told Judge Craig Ambrose in Burlington County NJ Family Court. Funny hah?

But more on all that later but seriously read the below text message from Steven Flax and make up your own mind, since Glenn is worse than Hitler because Glenn did not fawn all over for his children. Seriously though, if you are a person of color and had a run-in with Steven Flax in his HR position, let me know and Glenn would gladly testify on your behalf. How a company could employ a person with that personality is beyond me, but I don’t need to deal with it as he is defiantly afraid of Glenn. Gee the power Glenn has over this family.


Apologize for the way the pdf needed to be embedded.

Just remembered, another incident with Mr. Steven Flax, my ex-wife, Lisa Flax insisted that I have a 50th birthday party and naturally only her family was invited. Midway through the party he made some insulting comment about his weight that Max and Morgan overheard. It was so hurtful that Glenn just went upstairs for the rest of the night. oh, on a later post I will describe the night the hospital called Glenn to ban him from the hospital because he was trying to wake Lisa Flax up while she was on a ventilator, which could have caused her to choke to death as they would not be prepared to remove the tube. Looking back on my time with them I am the happiest divorced cat.

Meet her sister Pam Kurtz

Just read the below texts between…

Pam Kurtz of Mount Laurel, NJ and my daughter who hates my guts Morgan Hann


Just the psychological manipulation that Lisa Flax and her family were doing to my children in order to drive a wedge between me and them. To this day I have no contact between my self and Morgan Hann but people who know her should understand what manipulative assholes the flax and kurtz families are:

Nothing further to say, just my favorite line the internet is forever, and this post will remain in perpetuity for future generations to see. Even when they google Pam Kurtz or Morgan Hann.

A rare opportunity comes to Lisa Flax

The plan would of worked but I, Tibby got in her way.

It was a very cold Saturday night when Glenn turned on the heater for the first time this season. However, the dust that accumulates on the heater burners caused smoke to fill the house and an idea pop into Lisa Flax’s head to get Glenn to leave the house. While she was scheming with Pam Kurtz (Sister-in-Law), Marni Hatch (School Counselor) and Beatriz Kelsey (School Teacher) Glenn contacted PSEG and scheduled them to come out that Monday to clean and service the unit. For years Glenn would clean and do the routine maintenance of the home heater and air conditioner, but he was recovering from an automobile accident and while in the house would need to have his right leg lifted.

That Monday, PSEG came out and the outdoor temperatures were still fridged. When Glenn arrived back in the house Lisa Flax gleefully told him that PSEG could not fix the unit it was too dangerous to turn on. Glenn asked Lisa Flax for the repair statement from PSEG and Lisa Flax told him that they left no such statement. Glenn was confused at this point and Lisa Flax kept yelling at him stating they had no money to get the heater fixed and do not turn it on.

Lisa Flax plan was coming into formation. The next day along with her cohorts, Pam Kurtz (Sister-in-Law), Marni Hatch (School Counselor) and Beatriz Kelsey (School Teacher) she had the heater unit disabled by having Marni remove the grounding wire. At the same time, she packed up all the items that she needed, along with all sorts of other items, like Glenn’s iPad, their wedding gifts, important papers that were in their fire-proof safe and took them all to Pam Kurtz house in Mount Laurel, NJ. She even changed the children’s bus scheduled and permanent addresses on their school records without my knowledge.

All this time, Glenn who was developing additional health issues, was told, not to touch the heater, do not call anyone in to have them look at it, she and the kids will be staying with her sister Pam Kurtz until we can get the heater fixed.

In the meantime Glenn, who obviously would never leave the house because who would take care of me, Tibby. That is what Lisa Flax was never counting on that Glenn would not leave Tibby. After two weeks of her constantly yelling at him and taking advantage of his recent brain injury exasperated by the car accident, Glenn believed everything she was telling him. I mean she would never place her spouses life in danger, would she? What if it was a car would she cut the brake lines in order to hurt her spouse.

Her plan was simple, Lisa Flax would claim that the heater did not work, Glenn would be forced to leave the house as it was to cold to live their with out heat. That was her premise to leave it was too cold. Lisa Flax saw the toll that it was taking on Glenn, his legs and feet were swelling up, he could no longer feel his feet or move his toes. It got so bad for him, he decided that he needed to look at the heater for his life safety and for the continued well-being of me as well.

Glenn discopvered that PSEG never turned off the gas line to the heater. WShen a heater is found to be in defect, they are required to turn off the gas. This was concerning to Glenn, so he pulled the main panel and guess what he found. Lisa Flax along wither her coherts in crime Marni Hatch and Beatriz Kelsey removed the ground wire from the control board. Glenn just reconnected the wire and guess whart? The heater worked without any issues. Immediately he reached out to Lisa Flax and told her of his discovery. Lisa Flax acted as though she did not know anything about this. Later that night Lisa Flax and Pam Kurtz used Pam Kurtz cell phoner and called in a gas leak stating that they were a neighbor who smelled gas. This immediaterly dispatched PSEG and the police and Fire Department. Lisa Flax called in a false report to cover her tracks in this situation. Lisa Flax was lucky that there was not another incident going on in Mount Laurel, can you imagine if the police and fire department were tied up with a false report and there would have been an actual fire somewhere else in Mount Laurel.

This is the vile person that she always was and is, she always needed to play the victim here and she just gracefully lies and lies. Below is the email I received from PSEG for the service call where he cleaned the burners. Lisa Flax could have cared less if I died in the extreme cold weather, I still have permanent damage to my body from this experience. Lisa Flax plan was to have Glenn to leave the house so she could come back and magically the heater would work, but I Tibby Hann foiled her plan.



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