Or how I would cringe when he would tell disgusting jokes about People of Color

He was always rude to Glenn throughout the marriage. Glenn would look for opportunities not to go visit with him. Glenn would hate when he would tell disgusting jokes about people of color and other racists comments. He had anger management issues and even on the day they swapped cars with Lisa Flax he put a dent in the back of the car that was over 1500.00 dollars to fix, or his comment that “how’s it going to feel when I walk Bailey down the aisle for her wedding”.

The upside to this whole thing is that Glenn lives so rent free in his head that he needed to get a restraining order against Glenn because Steven Flax is afraid that a 169 lb. person who can barely stand and cannot run is afraid that Glenn will endanger his life as he told Judge Craig Ambrose in Burlington County NJ Family Court. Funny hah?

But more on all that later but seriously read the below text message from Steven Flax and make up your own mind, since Glenn is worse than Hitler because Glenn did not fawn all over for his children. Seriously though, if you are a person of color and had a run-in with Steven Flax in his HR position, let me know and Glenn would gladly testify on your behalf. How a company could employ a person with that personality is beyond me, but I don’t need to deal with it as he is defiantly afraid of Glenn. Gee the power Glenn has over this family.


Apologize for the way the pdf needed to be embedded.

Just remembered, another incident with Mr. Steven Flax, my ex-wife, Lisa Flax insisted that I have a 50th birthday party and naturally only her family was invited. Midway through the party he made some insulting comment about his weight that Max and Morgan overheard. It was so hurtful that Glenn just went upstairs for the rest of the night. oh, on a later post I will describe the night the hospital called Glenn to ban him from the hospital because he was trying to wake Lisa Flax up while she was on a ventilator, which could have caused her to choke to death as they would not be prepared to remove the tube. Looking back on my time with them I am the happiest divorced cat.