Lies in court and commits fraud against State and Federal Child Support Services.

Apparently, she has been “double dipping” and failed to report the Social Security Disability payments that she has been receiving directly for the children, Bailey Hann, Morgan Hann, and Max Hann, which Social Security considers it as fraud.

Glenn is 100% disabled and ruled fully funded in his disability payments. Lisa Flax has been receiving over 1800.00 dollars per month directed payments and has failed to report these child support payments and NJ Child Support unaware that she has purposely failed to inform them has been illegally garnishing Glenn Hann’s social security disability monthly payment

Lisa Flax has purposely withheld this information from the court and would tell the court that Glenn Hann has not been providing the additional portion of expenses that Lisa Flax would need to pay 50/50 as well. The amount past the 658 dollars per month child support was purposely to pay for Glenn Hann’s portion of any additional expenses.

So, she would lie and tell the court that she was paying 100% percent and Glenn Hann was paying nothing. Well with Burlington County NJ Family Court Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call not even looking at any of the evidence since none of their rulings were based on any fairness or due process. More of this on Part 3. Glenn would tell the horror stories when he was told simply just file for a modification, Glenn would tell him what was going on about Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call, they were shocked at what Glenn has been experiencing especially since they have been supportive of Lisa Flax fraud against the NJ Child Support agency since they are well aware of it but chose to take no actions to stop it. Yep, they really do not know how crooked these judges can be.

Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis, from Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ would openly lie to these Judges, yes, I have proof, and the judges would accept everything they would say as gospel. So, there are no fair trials in Burlington County Family Court, just read Part 2 and Part 3.

So, Lisa Flax fraudulently hid the money from the state and federal agencies, in order to spread the lies that Glenn Hann was not paying for these additional expenses, but where has all this extra money been going to: She lies and tells the judges she has no money to raise these children, so what has she been spending 3600.00 dollars per month on? Certainly, the children’s needs where not that exuberant, was she using child support funds on herself or to pay her legal fees? I’m sure it will come out from this investigation.

I am sure it will come up in her class action lawsuit against Norelco. Lisa Flax will certainly not get the sympathy of anyone on the jury who has paid child support.

One more example of Lis Flax lying to the court…….


Lisa Flax is so malicious that when their son Max Hann wanted to stay with Glenn for a weekend, Lisa Flax and her family were so (I can’t even think of a word) that they lied to a judge to get a temporary restraining order to block Max from seeing his dad. This is the type of person she is and along with the rest of her family. Do you really think that when the judge asked her why she is now filling for a TRO, did she honestly answerer well Judge my son wants to see his dad for the weekend.