Her items from the house

Once again this is the same thing, I hear every time we go to court Lisa Flax states under oath that Glenn Hann threw away her items. I needed to go back to the old police report that confirms that the police told her I was not throwing away her items. I did change the locks for my safety as never knew when Steven Flax would show up and attempt to hit me or Lisa Flax would come in and steal some items. She stole my iPad so she could access my emails and read my confidential emails with my attorney. She stole my Animation Cels paperwork which was pre-marital property (She lied about that to).


I also added internet locks so I could answer the door because at that time I was recovering from my surgery.

Well Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose, even the police agree that I was not throwing away items. But you just keep believing all the lies of Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis. Please uphold your judicial oath, if it still means anything to you.

Poor excuses of being a Judge in Burlington County Family Court.