With the assistance of Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ

Attorney Karen Karpousis, from Charny Karpousis Altieri & Donoian, PA – Mount Laurel, NJ would openly lie in court and in her motions in order to make the defendant as toxic as possible in order for the court to take sympathy on her client Lisa Flax. During this process Glenn Hann lost his handicap door because he arrange with the realtor to list it as a non-exclusion item and Glenn would replace it with any door of the buyer’s chosen. Lisa Flax told the court that Glenn Hann only planned on taking the door and not replacing it. Judge Craig Ambrose who would not listen to the realtors’ own words which supported what Glenn was saying, yelled at him for 10 minutes that he cannot take any fixtures from the house. I don’t know what’s worse in the justice system that lawyers and clients can lie openly to the court or that the lawyer and client realize that the judge is too stupid to realize that he is being lied to. Just ridiculous. Judge Craig Ambrose boldly stated that he believes 100 percent of what Lisa Flax and her lawyer tell him. Which is an open invitation to lie, for which they did. If they believe that they did not lie, and I am wrong file a claim in court against me and we can have a REAL judge review. This is why Glenn Hann knows that he never received fair adjudication on his modification of child support request.

However, going back to the current situation Under rule 1.2(d), a lawyer is prohibited from counseling or assisting a client in conduct that the lawyer knows is criminal or fraudulent. In cases the lawyer would need to withdrawal to avoid deeming to have assisted in the client’s fraud.

In this case absolutely Karen Karpousis has advised and assisted Lisa Flax in the commitment of the fraud against NJ Child Support, the Social Security Administration and Glenn Hann. Matter of fact I would not be surprised if Lisa Flax was paying her legal bills from the child support money that she has been “double-dipping.”