Lying, Intimidation, Threats and ignoring his Oath as a Judge…Just another day his court

Family Court Judges are not accountable unless you can afford to do an appellate court appeal. Experience Lawyers will tell you that it is not worth the costs to appeal. These Judges know this, and it what allows them to do “divorce engineering” especially if you are a pro se litigant. You will get called every name in the book especially by Judge Call, he labeled me as the “worst defendant in the past 20 years”, sound a little bias on his part. Yep, I filed several times for a new Judge and last time in court specifically asked him as I am now ready to take the leap and file into the appellate court.

You may ask why, well let’s review first please see the below order of December 7th, 2022, where Judge Call specially terminates my parenting time with my son Max on the direct request of Lisa Flax, oh you’ll learn that this is just another attempt of her parental alienation maliciousness of her and her family (Pam Kurtz, Scott Kurtz and Steven Flax). See Below.


Did Judge John Call own up to his order denying a handicapped person his time with his children without any due process on a whim of Lisa Flax and her attorney. Of Course, do you know how many times she has cried to the court the same thing and I gave the court all the documentation, but Judge Call just was in one of his mis judicial misconduct ways. But guess what, he lied on the official record and within the court that he never suspended my time and when further challenged he stated well you’re seeing him now. Just the hubris of that statement…….

“That ship has sailed” that was what his reply was…common theme for when Judge Call is hiding or running away from the truth! At least he could have owned up on it, but he rather lied like a kid trying to get away with something.

Judge Call is afraid of lawyers and violates his oath as a Judge at the same time….Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax were so worried when Judge Call decided to interview Max and Morgan Hann, but I did not know whys since they were protected by the Judge Call and Judge Craig Ambrose protection racket.

Karen Karpousis stated that I have not followed the court order for reunification with Morgan Hann. Funny thing about that she lied there was no such order ever given. Lisa Flax could not withstand for me to have any relationship with my children. It was her goal in life to lie or whatever it takes. Lisa Flax did not care at all how much psychological and emotional damage she caused the children, to get her way.

Listen to the lies of Karen Karpousis

Listen below how Judge Call handled his judicial duties and his oath…..

Judge Call was about to say he was unaware of any………. Let’s fill in the blank for him. The word is order. Obviously, he has a reputation that lawyers can lie at whim to him without and repercussions. His hatred towards me overshadows his oath of office and believing what I have been telling him that Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis simply lie to get their way.

Below is a code of Judicial Conduct.





“A Judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct should take appropriate action. A judge having knowledge that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

Karen Karpousis lied plain and simple among other lies that Lisa Flax told the court, which we will document on this website (Child support and social security coming soon)

This alone should have Judge Call recused himself from this case, when challenge he was not recusing himself. Is that a fair and balance judicial system? He violated his oath of office and bringing shame to the Burlington County Superior Court. But we have more to go….

Did Judge Call threaten the defendant. Listen below.

Are you threatening? he started to say it and the results show in his conduct. That now that I am on Medicaid because of my disability, I guess he is now carrying it out with his rulings, lying and harassment that I have been enduring from him. I needed to remind him I was not threating however, listen to the way he said it, I now feel threatened by his actions and retaliations against me. Judge Call was the one who first uttered the “threat” word.

Finally, he has become a prosecutor as well. Not sure 100 percent what he is talking about with an audio file that he has been harassing me about but when I was not under any oath, His constant badgering me was giving me such a bad migraine i said if you want me to say I did it, I did it. Later while trying to prove my innocence, I wanted to hand over to him my iPad, but he refused to take it. Something for not wanting to pay for forensics on it. But he set out to do what he wanted to do was to disparage me so much in hopes that the appellate court would not take my appeal. That also the reason why he can’t have another judge take over, it would weed out his misconduct and violations of the judicial oath.