Once again Judge John Call Jr is mistaken and at this point it’s just plain lying when he puts in his order “Defendant was working while receiving Social Security Disability benefits and his income exceeded the monthly amount permitted under federal law”. You can read [ages 12 and 13 below:



How many times do I have to tell him that on the Trial Work Period I can earned as much as I want that there is no “exceeding monthly amount “Attach below is the Social Security information on the Trial Work Period.



Judge John Call, it clearly states that, “During your TWP, you’ll receive full SSDI benefit payments, no matter how much you earn – as long as you report your work activity and continue to meet Social Security rules for disability”. It cannot be made clearer than that. I reported my work activity to Social Security, I informed the court and files an updated CIS statement to the court and Lisa Flax and her attorney were also well aware that I was attempting to return to work. Ironically Child Support garnished child support from both my Social Security Check as well as my paycheck. For which I never contacted Child Support as I knew that when I took employment Lisa Flax was no longer qualified to receive the derivative payment for the children, but she was getting double the child support.

During the Pandemic, Social Security stopped doing all CDR’s and Lisa Flax was supposed to contact Social Security. She elected to keep the additional money and she got caught. However once again Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis decided to lie in court and to Social Security. Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis told you many times that they had no idea I was working under oath.

They even certified to Social Security the same thing let’s take a look:



In Karen Karpousis’s letter she clearly states (Along with a litteny of lies – but lets focus for now on the following statement:

“Ms. Flax has not resided with Mr., Hann for several and and therefore does not have any idea if Mr. Hann is working or able to work.” There were also mentions I have been forthcoming with any information about his income.

Now let’s look at what Lisa Flax filed to Social Security:








So lets look at the following statement that Lisa Flax has stated in court and stated to the Social Security as a material fact in the form and signed under penalty of law.

“Glenn did not share that he was working and actually denied in court. The children and I should not be at fault for his lies!”

Funny thing let’s look at who the actual liar is Ding-ding-ding its Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis. Below is a part of a motion that they filed in court and certified to be the truth.


In paragraph 17 they are certified that “As the court is aware, I have not lived with the Defendant for several years. I don’t know if he is employed outside the home or receiving Social Security benefits”

In paragraph 18 they certify that attached is my CIS statement that I list I am employed. So they read my CIS they see my employment information and yes I can collect social security at the same time under the Trial Work Period.

Next time why don’t you space your lies out by a few paragraphs.

So yes, Judge John Call, I do believe that this is a conspiracy, you keep saying they are innocent, never acknowledge all the lies which are pretty obvious at this point, you are an unfair, biased judge full of misconduct and once again tell an accurate picture of what’s going on here. Got a great idea yell at them for being liars in court you had no problem of accusing me.

It’s because of there lies and the bias of Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose that I need to keep filing to get the truth out there and as a Judge you are supposed to have a higher sense and obviously you do not.

Also, once again I only stated if you want me to say I did it, fine I did it just to get his pompous ass off of the issue, he was badgering me just to admit to something I still have no clear knowledge of what he is saying here.

Confessions taken under physical or mental pressure, or any other type of compulsion are not admissible in court.

Maybe he should concentrate on the lies being told by Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax, which has a bearing on this case and not something that does not.