Your math lesson is calling

So we need to set the table here so you will understand the child support issue.

This is the last Judgement of the Honorable Judge John Call Jr. Also please make sure you check out the Bailey Hann College Post.


Now we need to go back to Judge Obrien’s rulings. At this point in time Lisa Flax and her attorney Rebecca Berger were claiming in court that they were NOT receiving the derivative amount for the children. Which are federal funds and have very specific rules on how the money is spent. Also there are federal guidelines that each state follows, which is that these payments are offset against the child support order. For example, Judge Call if the child support is calculated per the New Jersey guidelines for fairness, and the order is for 400 dollars per month and the derivative amount the primary parent receives is 1000 dollars. How does this offset work, well since the derivative amount is greater than the child support order then the first 400 dollars covers the monthly child support, and the 600 dollars is posted against the 50 percent charges the non-primary parent would pay. If there is any money left over, then it carries over to the next month.

Below is where we tried to request the Social Security award letters.


I had to go through the process to get these letters since Lisa Flax would not produce them on her own.








Now let’s take a look at the federal regulations regarding child support payments from Social Security.


So lets read 1617.6 Missuse occurs when a representative payee (Lisa Flax) converts Social Security and/or SSI payments for purposes other than the “use and benefit” of the beneficiary or for certain legal dependents (Morgan Hann, Max Hann) of the beneficiar (Glenn Hann) after the benficiary’s current and reasonable foreseable needs are met as explained in 1617.2

So stick with me we are getting towards the math part but first a review of the New Jersey Rules regarding Social Security Disability Payments for the children.

If a child is receiving government benefits based on either parent’s earning record, disability, or retirement, the amount of those benefits must be deducted from the total support award (regardless of the effect of the child’s benefit payments on benefits paid to the parent). Such benefits include but are not limited to: Social Security Retirement or Disability, Black Lung, and Veteran’s Administration benefits. Also included are non-means-tested government benefits meant to offset the cost of the child such as adoption subsidies (N.J.A.C. 10:121-2). SSI, public assistance (TANF), and other means-tested benefits are not government benefits based on a parent’s earnings record, disability or retirement and should not be included on Line 12. If the government benefit received by the child is greater than the total support award (i.e., the amount of the total support award after deducting the government benefit is zero or less), the amount of the government benefit that is being paid to or for the child represents the support award. In such cases, the support award should be made payable directly to the oblige (i.e., from the government agency to the oblige; not through Probation). If the government benefit is less than the total support obligation, it shall continue to be paid directly to the oblige and the residua/ amount shall be paid through Probation.

Lets figure out what the children are receiving:


Morgan is received a lump sum of 6006.00 then an additional 433.00 then beginning on July 2020 to receive 650.00 dollars per month. Currently with COLA it averaged about 700.00 per month. In total then to date Lisa Flax received was 35,839.00


Max is received a lump sum of 6006.00 then an additional 433.00 then beginning on July 2020 to receive 650.00 dollars per month. Currently with COLA it averaged about 700.00 per month. In total then to date Lisa Flax received was 35,839.00

Once again this was money that she was receiving for child support but never told the court or child support about this money. She was hiding it away from the court.

In total for both children, she received a total of 71,678.00 and if you add in the amount, I overpaid in child support because she refused to admit and report this money per guidelines, she had a total of 105,278.00. What Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose refer to as “little to no support” by the defendant.

But it gets better, she also received a lump sum amount of child support from the defendant Glenn Hann, in the amount of 32, 000.00. This was the defendants 50% portion of their deferred income account.

So Lisa Flax was sitting on 137,278.00. now we have the table set, lets break down this a little more. With that lump sum of 32,000.00 coming from the accounts that Lisa Flax had, Lisa Flax and her attorney needed to share these numbers with the mediator. The defendant had nothing to do in regard to calculating the money in these accounts.

Judge Obrien ruled that we needed to go back to mediation (similar to Bailey’s college costs) because during the court proceedings Lisa Flax and her attorney were arguing that the amount (32,000.00) is not correct and that it is much lower. Did you notice what happened, the numbers she supplied, she is now admitting that they were false, so the case would go to mediation.



So once again they lied to Judge Obrien to get the case sent to economic mediation because they wanted to use the same mediator that they always use and to avoid crediting the child support with the 32,000.00 and avoid the detection of the direct payments Lisa Flax was receiving from Social Security.

This is the lying and deceitfulness that Lisa Flax and her family are known for, Judge Call either doesnt know basic math or its his bias against me and finally, did she really spend that money just on the kids, if so lets do a quick check on how much she spent.

The amount past the child support award applies to the defendant’s portion of any 50% costs associated with the children, so in this example we take the 71,678.00 minus what I paid in child support 33,600.00 is 38,078. Now she would have to contribute 38,078 of her money for a total of 76,156. I find it hard to believe that she spent that much just on the children and since all of this is federal funds.

Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose yell at me because they tell me I did not pay for anything, just ridiculous as she receives that money because of my disability, that’s why the Social Security pays it to cover the child support amount and other expenses.

Look what I found, Confirmation that Lisa Flax telling the children I am not paying child support.