Because I receive lots of emails……

First, the trust relieved all of the Disney points in order to help finance the appellate appeal for later this year, Glenn is still working in getting the paperwork to file before Max and him go to Disney.

Second, yes agree with the comments that Judge John Call Jr wrote his opinion in a way to deter anyone from the appellate court to take up the appeal, calling Glenn vexatious, because all he has been trying to do is fix the child support issue and the time with his children, however:

Morgan Hann is a lost cause, she hates Glenn with every fiber in her bone, she is hook, line and sinker like her mother and her mother along with her family have caused emotional harm to her in order to punish Glenn for whatever reason they can think of. So, hope they are all happy because they haven’t damaged Glenn, they have destroyed Morgan who will never have a “normal life”. Ironically Glenn wanted Morgan to have therapy all these years and was happy to pay for it. Lisa Flax though had her own interests and maliciousness ahead of her daughter’s life and trying to have a healthy relationship with her father. Just look up parental alienation and Lisa Flax and her family are poster children for it.


Last time I saw Morgan Hann, Lisa Flax promised she could get her nails done if she did not see her father. Hope the nails were worth it.

I also offered to pay for Bailey’s therapy.


Bailey Hann made her decision years ago that she wanted nothing to do with her father and abandoned him. She even wanted to be in her mother’s TRO. So, reminds me when Steven Flax stated, “how’s it going to feel when I walk Bailey down the aisle for her wedding,” Well one thing at least I won’t be invited. So, my life goes on and I would even know what she looks like anyway. So, I really don’t care about her at all as though she’s never been born. I have and will never have any lover for her.

I understand Brett Hann, still sees the children and told them just lies about me.

Karen Karpousis, stated in court for Glenn Hann to sign some college stuff, “to prove his love for his children”, I have nothing to prove, and I was instructed not to sign anything. They even made up the date that it needed to be signed as the children would be 17 at that time, to sign them. But the trust checked as there is no date until sometime in 2024. So whatever Lisa Flax games are up to Glenn Hann will not be signing anything for them. Besides they don’t love me anyway so why should I love them. I do not consider Bailey Hann or Morgan Hann as my children anymore, anyway.

Finally, aren’t you worried about Judge Call, no I am not he is feckless as he lied in his opinions, he’s afraid of Karen Karpousis, who also has lied in court and to social security, along with the bankruptcy courts. He’s more afraid of having a neutral look at this case by an appellate judge then he is of me. He’s a bias malicious little boy sitting behind the bench and now that Max is 18, he and Lisa Flax hold nothing over me.

Also, once again I only stated if you want me to say I did it, fine I did it just to get his pompous ass off of the issue, he was badgering me just to admit to something I still have no clear knowledge of what he is saying here. I was not even under oath.

Confessions taken under physical or mental pressure, or any other type of compulsion are not admissible in court.

Maybe he should concentrate on the lies being told by Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax, which has a bearing on this case and not something that does not. He’s just a bitter person.

Some last emails came in, yes Lisa Flax was spying on my credit report for years without my knowledge it was only after I signed up for Credit Karma did I realize what was going on:


This is where she intercepted the Home Owners Insurance check that was supposed to go towards the roof, she decided to cash it into her account. Notice my name is on the check.


Also, here’s an example when she would go to the post office and redirect my mail to her address to open and read it.


Judge Call and Judge Ambrose were fine with her behavior when I showed them all this, they were ok with her behavior. They were gleeful when Judge Call stated that Morgan hates me, including Judge Call himself.