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Baileys College Costs

Need to teach Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose a history lesson

Once again, I post below for your reading:


Welcome back, now if you were paying attention, you will notice that Judge John Call stated that I paid 0 towards Bailey’s College education. Well let’s break down how he came up with that zero.

First, we need to add in the Social Security disability amount that was paid to Bailey which covers towards my contribution towards her education as I was paying for her child support separately.


Which was$6,439 dollars, once again though Lisa Flax and her had to lie in court to Judge Obrien. Judge Obrien ruled:



If you read paragraph 10 carefully, and remember I am on 100% disability, Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis lied and told the judge that upon their review of my updated income information (once again I am on disability) they determined that they determined that my portion of Bailey’s tuition is 59.30%. But what really indicated to the court that they filled false information was when Judge Obrien indicated, “Although Plaintiff provides a Child Support guideline in their motion, it is not clear to the court what was used in determining said guidelines”.

Lisa Flax and her attorney lied and submitted false documentation to the court. Not the first time or the last time they lied. Judge Obrien wanted this to be handled by economic mediation.

Which was fine except the mediator that they wanted pulled out in the last-minute because of ethical reasons. He knew that they were lying and submitting false information.


Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call, refused to even listen or look at the order themselves. Ironically, Karen Karpousis never mentioned or indicated in any subsequent motions regarding Judge Obreins court order for mediation.

But they needed to get out of economic mediation, so they came up with the most horrible lies in court.