I a m just a simple 10 year-old cat named Tibby. It was Bailey Hann who first gave me that name When Glenn finally bought me to my new house Lisa Flax threatened with divorce. At first I thought that she never owned a cat, but quickly learned that had two cats prior to Bailey Hann being born.

Then to ease the tensions that my new arrival caused, Glenn agreed t o go to marriage counseling. Which they both did. I remembered Glenn telling me the story of what happened on their first visit. The psychiatrists asked why they were there, and Lisa Flax mentioned that its because Glenn brought home a kitten. Afterwards the psychiatrist laughed, and Lisa Flax did not think that was funny at all. Glenn brought up concerns that Lisa Flax would never clean up after herself or put things away. I think they call it hoarding. If I can get Glenn to go over the library of pictures, we will post them here. I’d hear things like all during the school year Lisa Flax would never clean up all her piles of papers on the dining room table. She would make excuses and then say well I’ll clean it up during the summer, which never would occur.

The other children in the house along with Bailey Hann, Morgan Hann and Max Hann would be embarrassed to have their friends over because of the conditions of the house. I know Glenn would do his best to clean it up but she would yell and scream at him if he dared to straighten up her piles.

Years would go by and Glenn would help shield the children from her behaviors, but it could only go for so long. Then that day happened in mid-October 2018.

You see Glenn who was recovering from a automobile accident, did not have to go to one of her family events and turned the heat on for the first time of the season as it was extremely cold that night. Thats where these blog posting will start.

I’m sure you’re asking the question, why now, you see Glenn observed the NJ Children’d Bill of Rights not to disparage the other parent in front of the children, to their friends, family, the community at large. While Glenn observed that, Lisa Flax did not. She would go into court and tell the Judge that she never disparaged Glenn at all.

However, that was not true, one of the many lies she would tell under oath. For years she would fight Glenn in court because she knew it would come out. But alas when it did Judge John Call Jr of the Burlington County Family Court Division ruled it as “Free Speech”. Secretly he was hoping that Glenn was the one violating this.

So we have more stories, factual documents, the lying not only by Lisa Flax, but lies that Judge John Call of the Burlington County Family Court has put into his motions to cover up for his years of violating Glenn’s constitutional amendments and disability discrimination, not just of Judge John Call of the Burlington County Family Court, but the disability discrimination from the other court judges:

  • Judge Craig Ambrose, Burlington County Family Court
  • Judge Edward Hoffman, Burlington County Family Court
  • Judge O’Brien Burlington County Family Court
  • Judge Beavers Burlington County Family Court

Now I do not want to forget to mention the Lisa Flax attorneys from the law firm of Charny, Charny & Karpousis, P.A. Mount Laurel NJ. Are the experts of lying in court and lying with in their motions they file in court. I have plenty of documentation of the lies that they have told and filed. Do you want to know why I can make this statement for Glenn, is because they would need to file a cest and desist order and they know if they did that Glenn could go into court with the evidence. Naturally they do not want to make that known in public. But if they feel that this cat is lying, please send a letter to me, you know the address.

By the way this is me, my name is Tibby Grim Hann.