The plan would of worked but I, Tibby got in her way.

It was a very cold Saturday night when Glenn turned on the heater for the first time this season. However, the dust that accumulates on the heater burners caused smoke to fill the house and an idea pop into Lisa Flax’s head to get Glenn to leave the house. While she was scheming with Pam Kurtz (Sister-in-Law), Marni Hatch (School Counselor) and Beatriz Kelsey (School Teacher) Glenn contacted PSEG and scheduled them to come out that Monday to clean and service the unit. For years Glenn would clean and do the routine maintenance of the home heater and air conditioner, but he was recovering from an automobile accident and while in the house would need to have his right leg lifted.

That Monday, PSEG came out and the outdoor temperatures were still fridged. When Glenn arrived back in the house Lisa Flax gleefully told him that PSEG could not fix the unit it was too dangerous to turn on. Glenn asked Lisa Flax for the repair statement from PSEG and Lisa Flax told him that they left no such statement. Glenn was confused at this point and Lisa Flax kept yelling at him stating they had no money to get the heater fixed and do not turn it on.

Lisa Flax plan was coming into formation. The next day along with her cohorts, Pam Kurtz (Sister-in-Law), Marni Hatch (School Counselor) and Beatriz Kelsey (School Teacher) she had the heater unit disabled by having Marni remove the grounding wire. At the same time, she packed up all the items that she needed, along with all sorts of other items, like Glenn’s iPad, their wedding gifts, important papers that were in their fire-proof safe and took them all to Pam Kurtz house in Mount Laurel, NJ. She even changed the children’s bus scheduled and permanent addresses on their school records without my knowledge.

All this time, Glenn who was developing additional health issues, was told, not to touch the heater, do not call anyone in to have them look at it, she and the kids will be staying with her sister Pam Kurtz until we can get the heater fixed.

In the meantime Glenn, who obviously would never leave the house because who would take care of me, Tibby. That is what Lisa Flax was never counting on that Glenn would not leave Tibby. After two weeks of her constantly yelling at him and taking advantage of his recent brain injury exasperated by the car accident, Glenn believed everything she was telling him. I mean she would never place her spouses life in danger, would she? What if it was a car would she cut the brake lines in order to hurt her spouse.

Her plan was simple, Lisa Flax would claim that the heater did not work, Glenn would be forced to leave the house as it was to cold to live their with out heat. That was her premise to leave it was too cold. Lisa Flax saw the toll that it was taking on Glenn, his legs and feet were swelling up, he could no longer feel his feet or move his toes. It got so bad for him, he decided that he needed to look at the heater for his life safety and for the continued well-being of me as well.

Glenn discopvered that PSEG never turned off the gas line to the heater. WShen a heater is found to be in defect, they are required to turn off the gas. This was concerning to Glenn, so he pulled the main panel and guess what he found. Lisa Flax along wither her coherts in crime Marni Hatch and Beatriz Kelsey removed the ground wire from the control board. Glenn just reconnected the wire and guess whart? The heater worked without any issues. Immediately he reached out to Lisa Flax and told her of his discovery. Lisa Flax acted as though she did not know anything about this. Later that night Lisa Flax and Pam Kurtz used Pam Kurtz cell phoner and called in a gas leak stating that they were a neighbor who smelled gas. This immediaterly dispatched PSEG and the police and Fire Department. Lisa Flax called in a false report to cover her tracks in this situation. Lisa Flax was lucky that there was not another incident going on in Mount Laurel, can you imagine if the police and fire department were tied up with a false report and there would have been an actual fire somewhere else in Mount Laurel.

This is the vile person that she always was and is, she always needed to play the victim here and she just gracefully lies and lies. Below is the email I received from PSEG for the service call where he cleaned the burners. Lisa Flax could have cared less if I died in the extreme cold weather, I still have permanent damage to my body from this experience. Lisa Flax plan was to have Glenn to leave the house so she could come back and magically the heater would work, but I Tibby Hann foiled her plan.