Was it really for Max?

Was it really for Max?

Or was it just another attempt to try and break the relationship I have with my son. Similiar to the lies and outrageous behavior by Lisa Flax and her family and the outright disparagement that they had towards Glenn.

Here are the transcripts that were prepared for the appellate court appeal. We will go over all the outrageous lies told by Lisa Flax, Scott Kurtz and her attorneys, Rebecca Berger and Karen Karpousis.

I am still trying to figure out the predicate that she told the judge, or the downlights lies.

For example, when I left the house and turned off the computer and internet the locks would not work. Pretty obvious right, I am disabled and had the locks automated so I would not need to unlock the door. After all I would never know when her brother Steven Flax would show up and try to hit me or worse. I mean after all Lisa Flax and Steven Flax did 1,000 dollars’ worth of damage to my car.

Continuing, I sent an email to her attorney and told them that the locks would not open since there was no internet. She asked me how to get into the house, I replied that was her problem. So, they told the judge that I changed the locks. They knew that was a lie.

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