Was it really for Max?

Was it really for Max?

Or was it just another attempt to try and break the relationship I have with my son. Similiar to the lies and outrageous behavior by Lisa Flax and her family and the outright disparagement that they had towards Glenn.

Here are the transcripts that were prepared for the appellate court appeal. We will go over all the outrageous lies told by Lisa Flax, Scott Kurtz and her attorneys, Rebecca Berger and Karen Karpousis.

I am still trying to figure out the predicate that she told the judge, or the downlights lies.

For example, when I left the house and turned off the computer and internet the locks would not work. Pretty obvious right, I am disabled and had the locks automated so I would not need to unlock the door. After all I would never know when her brother Steven Flax would show up and try to hit me or worse. I mean after all Lisa Flax and Steven Flax did 1,000 dollars’ worth of damage to my car.

Continuing, I sent an email to her attorney and told them that the locks would not open since there was no internet. She asked me how to get into the house, I replied that was her problem. So, they told the judge that I changed the locks. They knew that was a lie.

Day 1 March 31, 2022:


Day 2 April 6, 2022:


Day 3 April 27, 2022:



Day 4 May 13, 2022:




Day 5 June 6, 2022:



Day 6 June 22, 2022:





Day 7 October 7, 2022:


Another day another lie

Another day another false police report

Once again this was Lisa Flax plan with Karen Karpousis was to file all these false police reports to build up a story for the Judge in court to appear as the “victim”.

This time she falsely accused me of removing 150,000 dollars from our joint accounts. See below.


Ironically, she never went to the Mount Laurel Police Department because all she needed was the apparent police report to show in court.

This is the type of behavior I have been dealing with. Hey Judge John Call, what’s your thought about filing false police reports. I mean Lisa Flax already filled false statements to Social Security and the US Bankruptcy courts, and in front of you, but you rather blame me.

Lisa Flax falsely accuses Glenn of.

Her items from the house

Once again this is the same thing, I hear every time we go to court Lisa Flax states under oath that Glenn Hann threw away her items. I needed to go back to the old police report that confirms that the police told her I was not throwing away her items. I did change the locks for my safety as never knew when Steven Flax would show up and attempt to hit me or Lisa Flax would come in and steal some items. She stole my iPad so she could access my emails and read my confidential emails with my attorney. She stole my Animation Cels paperwork which was pre-marital property (She lied about that to).


I also added internet locks so I could answer the door because at that time I was recovering from my surgery.

Well Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose, even the police agree that I was not throwing away items. But you just keep believing all the lies of Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis. Please uphold your judicial oath, if it still means anything to you.

Poor excuses of being a Judge in Burlington County Family Court.

Start the countdown clock.

No not for New Years but,

I’ll be posting on this site the complete audio, motions and transcripts of the FV hearing and we can then review every lie told by Lisa Flax, Steven Flax, Pam Kurtz and Scott Kurtz along with Karen Karpousis and Rebecca Berger, lie by lie by lie.

Wait to you hear what Judge Craig Ambrose has to say about a SIM card.

So, stay tuned it’s going to be fun as I put this together for the appellate appeal.

End of November Update

Because I receive lots of emails……

First, the trust relieved all of the Disney points in order to help finance the appellate appeal for later this year, Glenn is still working in getting the paperwork to file before Max and him go to Disney.

Second, yes agree with the comments that Judge John Call Jr wrote his opinion in a way to deter anyone from the appellate court to take up the appeal, calling Glenn vexatious, because all he has been trying to do is fix the child support issue and the time with his children, however:

Morgan Hann is a lost cause, she hates Glenn with every fiber in her bone, she is hook, line and sinker like her mother and her mother along with her family have caused emotional harm to her in order to punish Glenn for whatever reason they can think of. So, hope they are all happy because they haven’t damaged Glenn, they have destroyed Morgan who will never have a “normal life”. Ironically Glenn wanted Morgan to have therapy all these years and was happy to pay for it. Lisa Flax though had her own interests and maliciousness ahead of her daughter’s life and trying to have a healthy relationship with her father. Just look up parental alienation and Lisa Flax and her family are poster children for it.


Last time I saw Morgan Hann, Lisa Flax promised she could get her nails done if she did not see her father. Hope the nails were worth it.

I also offered to pay for Bailey’s therapy.


Bailey Hann made her decision years ago that she wanted nothing to do with her father and abandoned him. She even wanted to be in her mother’s TRO. So, reminds me when Steven Flax stated, “how’s it going to feel when I walk Bailey down the aisle for her wedding,” Well one thing at least I won’t be invited. So, my life goes on and I would even know what she looks like anyway. So, I really don’t care about her at all as though she’s never been born. I have and will never have any lover for her.

I understand Brett Hann, still sees the children and told them just lies about me.

Karen Karpousis, stated in court for Glenn Hann to sign some college stuff, “to prove his love for his children”, I have nothing to prove, and I was instructed not to sign anything. They even made up the date that it needed to be signed as the children would be 17 at that time, to sign them. But the trust checked as there is no date until sometime in 2024. So whatever Lisa Flax games are up to Glenn Hann will not be signing anything for them. Besides they don’t love me anyway so why should I love them. I do not consider Bailey Hann or Morgan Hann as my children anymore, anyway.

Finally, aren’t you worried about Judge Call, no I am not he is feckless as he lied in his opinions, he’s afraid of Karen Karpousis, who also has lied in court and to social security, along with the bankruptcy courts. He’s more afraid of having a neutral look at this case by an appellate judge then he is of me. He’s a bias malicious little boy sitting behind the bench and now that Max is 18, he and Lisa Flax hold nothing over me.

Also, once again I only stated if you want me to say I did it, fine I did it just to get his pompous ass off of the issue, he was badgering me just to admit to something I still have no clear knowledge of what he is saying here. I was not even under oath.

Confessions taken under physical or mental pressure, or any other type of compulsion are not admissible in court.

Maybe he should concentrate on the lies being told by Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax, which has a bearing on this case and not something that does not. He’s just a bitter person.

Some last emails came in, yes Lisa Flax was spying on my credit report for years without my knowledge it was only after I signed up for Credit Karma did I realize what was going on:


This is where she intercepted the Home Owners Insurance check that was supposed to go towards the roof, she decided to cash it into her account. Notice my name is on the check.


Also, here’s an example when she would go to the post office and redirect my mail to her address to open and read it.


Judge Call and Judge Ambrose were fine with her behavior when I showed them all this, they were ok with her behavior. They were gleeful when Judge Call stated that Morgan hates me, including Judge Call himself.

Judge John Call Jr and Social Security

Once again Judge John Call Jr is mistaken and at this point it’s just plain lying when he puts in his order “Defendant was working while receiving Social Security Disability benefits and his income exceeded the monthly amount permitted under federal law”. You can read [ages 12 and 13 below:



How many times do I have to tell him that on the Trial Work Period I can earned as much as I want that there is no “exceeding monthly amount “Attach below is the Social Security information on the Trial Work Period.



Judge John Call, it clearly states that, “During your TWP, you’ll receive full SSDI benefit payments, no matter how much you earn – as long as you report your work activity and continue to meet Social Security rules for disability”. It cannot be made clearer than that. I reported my work activity to Social Security, I informed the court and files an updated CIS statement to the court and Lisa Flax and her attorney were also well aware that I was attempting to return to work. Ironically Child Support garnished child support from both my Social Security Check as well as my paycheck. For which I never contacted Child Support as I knew that when I took employment Lisa Flax was no longer qualified to receive the derivative payment for the children, but she was getting double the child support.

During the Pandemic, Social Security stopped doing all CDR’s and Lisa Flax was supposed to contact Social Security. She elected to keep the additional money and she got caught. However once again Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis decided to lie in court and to Social Security. Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis told you many times that they had no idea I was working under oath.

They even certified to Social Security the same thing let’s take a look:



In Karen Karpousis’s letter she clearly states (Along with a litteny of lies – but lets focus for now on the following statement:

“Ms. Flax has not resided with Mr., Hann for several and and therefore does not have any idea if Mr. Hann is working or able to work.” There were also mentions I have been forthcoming with any information about his income.

Now let’s look at what Lisa Flax filed to Social Security:








So lets look at the following statement that Lisa Flax has stated in court and stated to the Social Security as a material fact in the form and signed under penalty of law.

“Glenn did not share that he was working and actually denied in court. The children and I should not be at fault for his lies!”

Funny thing let’s look at who the actual liar is Ding-ding-ding its Lisa Flax and Karen Karpousis. Below is a part of a motion that they filed in court and certified to be the truth.


In paragraph 17 they are certified that “As the court is aware, I have not lived with the Defendant for several years. I don’t know if he is employed outside the home or receiving Social Security benefits”

In paragraph 18 they certify that attached is my CIS statement that I list I am employed. So they read my CIS they see my employment information and yes I can collect social security at the same time under the Trial Work Period.

Next time why don’t you space your lies out by a few paragraphs.

So yes, Judge John Call, I do believe that this is a conspiracy, you keep saying they are innocent, never acknowledge all the lies which are pretty obvious at this point, you are an unfair, biased judge full of misconduct and once again tell an accurate picture of what’s going on here. Got a great idea yell at them for being liars in court you had no problem of accusing me.

It’s because of there lies and the bias of Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose that I need to keep filing to get the truth out there and as a Judge you are supposed to have a higher sense and obviously you do not.

Also, once again I only stated if you want me to say I did it, fine I did it just to get his pompous ass off of the issue, he was badgering me just to admit to something I still have no clear knowledge of what he is saying here.

Confessions taken under physical or mental pressure, or any other type of compulsion are not admissible in court.

Maybe he should concentrate on the lies being told by Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax, which has a bearing on this case and not something that does not.

Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose

Your math lesson is calling

So we need to set the table here so you will understand the child support issue.

This is the last Judgement of the Honorable Judge John Call Jr. Also please make sure you check out the Bailey Hann College Post.


Now we need to go back to Judge Obrien’s rulings. At this point in time Lisa Flax and her attorney Rebecca Berger were claiming in court that they were NOT receiving the derivative amount for the children. Which are federal funds and have very specific rules on how the money is spent. Also there are federal guidelines that each state follows, which is that these payments are offset against the child support order. For example, Judge Call if the child support is calculated per the New Jersey guidelines for fairness, and the order is for 400 dollars per month and the derivative amount the primary parent receives is 1000 dollars. How does this offset work, well since the derivative amount is greater than the child support order then the first 400 dollars covers the monthly child support, and the 600 dollars is posted against the 50 percent charges the non-primary parent would pay. If there is any money left over, then it carries over to the next month.

Below is where we tried to request the Social Security award letters.


I had to go through the process to get these letters since Lisa Flax would not produce them on her own.








Now let’s take a look at the federal regulations regarding child support payments from Social Security.


So lets read 1617.6 Missuse occurs when a representative payee (Lisa Flax) converts Social Security and/or SSI payments for purposes other than the “use and benefit” of the beneficiary or for certain legal dependents (Morgan Hann, Max Hann) of the beneficiar (Glenn Hann) after the benficiary’s current and reasonable foreseable needs are met as explained in 1617.2

So stick with me we are getting towards the math part but first a review of the New Jersey Rules regarding Social Security Disability Payments for the children.

If a child is receiving government benefits based on either parent’s earning record, disability, or retirement, the amount of those benefits must be deducted from the total support award (regardless of the effect of the child’s benefit payments on benefits paid to the parent). Such benefits include but are not limited to: Social Security Retirement or Disability, Black Lung, and Veteran’s Administration benefits. Also included are non-means-tested government benefits meant to offset the cost of the child such as adoption subsidies (N.J.A.C. 10:121-2). SSI, public assistance (TANF), and other means-tested benefits are not government benefits based on a parent’s earnings record, disability or retirement and should not be included on Line 12. If the government benefit received by the child is greater than the total support award (i.e., the amount of the total support award after deducting the government benefit is zero or less), the amount of the government benefit that is being paid to or for the child represents the support award. In such cases, the support award should be made payable directly to the oblige (i.e., from the government agency to the oblige; not through Probation). If the government benefit is less than the total support obligation, it shall continue to be paid directly to the oblige and the residua/ amount shall be paid through Probation.

Lets figure out what the children are receiving:


Morgan is received a lump sum of 6006.00 then an additional 433.00 then beginning on July 2020 to receive 650.00 dollars per month. Currently with COLA it averaged about 700.00 per month. In total then to date Lisa Flax received was 35,839.00


Max is received a lump sum of 6006.00 then an additional 433.00 then beginning on July 2020 to receive 650.00 dollars per month. Currently with COLA it averaged about 700.00 per month. In total then to date Lisa Flax received was 35,839.00

Once again this was money that she was receiving for child support but never told the court or child support about this money. She was hiding it away from the court.

In total for both children, she received a total of 71,678.00 and if you add in the amount, I overpaid in child support because she refused to admit and report this money per guidelines, she had a total of 105,278.00. What Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose refer to as “little to no support” by the defendant.

But it gets better, she also received a lump sum amount of child support from the defendant Glenn Hann, in the amount of 32, 000.00. This was the defendants 50% portion of their deferred income account.

So Lisa Flax was sitting on 137,278.00. now we have the table set, lets break down this a little more. With that lump sum of 32,000.00 coming from the accounts that Lisa Flax had, Lisa Flax and her attorney needed to share these numbers with the mediator. The defendant had nothing to do in regard to calculating the money in these accounts.

Judge Obrien ruled that we needed to go back to mediation (similar to Bailey’s college costs) because during the court proceedings Lisa Flax and her attorney were arguing that the amount (32,000.00) is not correct and that it is much lower. Did you notice what happened, the numbers she supplied, she is now admitting that they were false, so the case would go to mediation.



So once again they lied to Judge Obrien to get the case sent to economic mediation because they wanted to use the same mediator that they always use and to avoid crediting the child support with the 32,000.00 and avoid the detection of the direct payments Lisa Flax was receiving from Social Security.

This is the lying and deceitfulness that Lisa Flax and her family are known for, Judge Call either doesnt know basic math or its his bias against me and finally, did she really spend that money just on the kids, if so lets do a quick check on how much she spent.

The amount past the child support award applies to the defendant’s portion of any 50% costs associated with the children, so in this example we take the 71,678.00 minus what I paid in child support 33,600.00 is 38,078. Now she would have to contribute 38,078 of her money for a total of 76,156. I find it hard to believe that she spent that much just on the children and since all of this is federal funds.

Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose yell at me because they tell me I did not pay for anything, just ridiculous as she receives that money because of my disability, that’s why the Social Security pays it to cover the child support amount and other expenses.

Look what I found, Confirmation that Lisa Flax telling the children I am not paying child support.

Baileys College Costs

Need to teach Judge John Call and Judge Craig Ambrose a history lesson

Once again, I post below for your reading:


Welcome back, now if you were paying attention, you will notice that Judge John Call stated that I paid 0 towards Bailey’s College education. Well let’s break down how he came up with that zero.

First, we need to add in the Social Security disability amount that was paid to Bailey which covers towards my contribution towards her education as I was paying for her child support separately.


Which was$6,439 dollars, once again though Lisa Flax and her had to lie in court to Judge Obrien. Judge Obrien ruled:



If you read paragraph 10 carefully, and remember I am on 100% disability, Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis lied and told the judge that upon their review of my updated income information (once again I am on disability) they determined that they determined that my portion of Bailey’s tuition is 59.30%. But what really indicated to the court that they filled false information was when Judge Obrien indicated, “Although Plaintiff provides a Child Support guideline in their motion, it is not clear to the court what was used in determining said guidelines”.

Lisa Flax and her attorney lied and submitted false documentation to the court. Not the first time or the last time they lied. Judge Obrien wanted this to be handled by economic mediation.

Which was fine except the mediator that they wanted pulled out in the last-minute because of ethical reasons. He knew that they were lying and submitting false information.


Judge Craig Ambrose and Judge John Call, refused to even listen or look at the order themselves. Ironically, Karen Karpousis never mentioned or indicated in any subsequent motions regarding Judge Obreins court order for mediation.

But they needed to get out of economic mediation, so they came up with the most horrible lies in court.

Judge John Call Jr of Burlington County NJ Superior Court ordered me to produce these files.

Lying, Intimidation, Threats and ignoring his Oath as a Judge…Just another day his court

Family Court Judges are not accountable unless you can afford to do an appellate court appeal. Experience Lawyers will tell you that it is not worth the costs to appeal. These Judges know this, and it what allows them to do “divorce engineering” especially if you are a pro se litigant. You will get called every name in the book especially by Judge Call, he labeled me as the “worst defendant in the past 20 years”, sound a little bias on his part. Yep, I filed several times for a new Judge and last time in court specifically asked him as I am now ready to take the leap and file into the appellate court.

You may ask why, well let’s review first please see the below order of December 7th, 2022, where Judge Call specially terminates my parenting time with my son Max on the direct request of Lisa Flax, oh you’ll learn that this is just another attempt of her parental alienation maliciousness of her and her family (Pam Kurtz, Scott Kurtz and Steven Flax). See Below.


Did Judge John Call own up to his order denying a handicapped person his time with his children without any due process on a whim of Lisa Flax and her attorney. Of Course, do you know how many times she has cried to the court the same thing and I gave the court all the documentation, but Judge Call just was in one of his mis judicial misconduct ways. But guess what, he lied on the official record and within the court that he never suspended my time and when further challenged he stated well you’re seeing him now. Just the hubris of that statement…….

“That ship has sailed” that was what his reply was…common theme for when Judge Call is hiding or running away from the truth! At least he could have owned up on it, but he rather lied like a kid trying to get away with something.

Judge Call is afraid of lawyers and violates his oath as a Judge at the same time….Karen Karpousis and Lisa Flax were so worried when Judge Call decided to interview Max and Morgan Hann, but I did not know whys since they were protected by the Judge Call and Judge Craig Ambrose protection racket.

Karen Karpousis stated that I have not followed the court order for reunification with Morgan Hann. Funny thing about that she lied there was no such order ever given. Lisa Flax could not withstand for me to have any relationship with my children. It was her goal in life to lie or whatever it takes. Lisa Flax did not care at all how much psychological and emotional damage she caused the children, to get her way.

Listen to the lies of Karen Karpousis

Listen below how Judge Call handled his judicial duties and his oath…..

Judge Call was about to say he was unaware of any………. Let’s fill in the blank for him. The word is order. Obviously, he has a reputation that lawyers can lie at whim to him without and repercussions. His hatred towards me overshadows his oath of office and believing what I have been telling him that Lisa Flax and her attorney Karen Karpousis simply lie to get their way.

Below is a code of Judicial Conduct.





“A Judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct should take appropriate action. A judge having knowledge that a lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects shall inform the appropriate authority.

Karen Karpousis lied plain and simple among other lies that Lisa Flax told the court, which we will document on this website (Child support and social security coming soon)

This alone should have Judge Call recused himself from this case, when challenge he was not recusing himself. Is that a fair and balance judicial system? He violated his oath of office and bringing shame to the Burlington County Superior Court. But we have more to go….

Did Judge Call threaten the defendant. Listen below.

Are you threatening? he started to say it and the results show in his conduct. That now that I am on Medicaid because of my disability, I guess he is now carrying it out with his rulings, lying and harassment that I have been enduring from him. I needed to remind him I was not threating however, listen to the way he said it, I now feel threatened by his actions and retaliations against me. Judge Call was the one who first uttered the “threat” word.

Finally, he has become a prosecutor as well. Not sure 100 percent what he is talking about with an audio file that he has been harassing me about but when I was not under any oath, His constant badgering me was giving me such a bad migraine i said if you want me to say I did it, I did it. Later while trying to prove my innocence, I wanted to hand over to him my iPad, but he refused to take it. Something for not wanting to pay for forensics on it. But he set out to do what he wanted to do was to disparage me so much in hopes that the appellate court would not take my appeal. That also the reason why he can’t have another judge take over, it would weed out his misconduct and violations of the judicial oath.

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